Mary Interior Decorator was established in 1974, as a family owned partnership, consisting of Xenophon Prokas and his wife Mary Prokas. Initially it was located at 3 Corlett Drive Illovo. After 20 years, in October 1994, the business was relocated to Shop L2 Thrupps Illovo Centre, Illovo, to accommodate the growing demands of the business, with a bigger showroom and more workshop space.

In 1993, the business was registered as a close corporation.

In August 2000, Mary passed away after a long fight with cancer. By January 2001, as the business was by then a stable, established business, which was known for providing a professional service and for delivering quality products, and with the loss of Mary, Nick Prokas joined his father in the close corporation.

Mary Interior Decorator, has its showroom in Thrupps Illovo Centre, at which a large variety of items of furniture, are  not only on display in the showroom, showing what is available to be custom made as per the clients specifications and individual styles, but are also available for purchase.  We constantly replace displays in our showroom with different designs which are available on order, permitting us to keep up to date with the latest trends in style and design.

In addition, we display a large variety of different fabrics, furniture, lounge suites and ornaments, providing a good idea as to our full range of services and products available. Our team of extremely professional staff members have been part of a small family owned partnership and have contributed to the growth of Mary’s Interior Decorators into the successful business it is today.

In addition to the showroom, there are two workshops on the premises, which form part of the manufacturing side of the business. The first is for the manufacture of all types of soft furnishing and upholstery and the second workshop is responsible for the re-upholstery of hard furniture.

Furniture Re-upholstery

Nick, with his youthful, modern and progressive approach, is responsible for the decorating and installations, while his father’s experience enables Xenophon to keep a watchful eye over the two workshops, and attending to customers while Nick is out. The seam mistresses employed by the business, have been with the business since its inception, as have the upholsterers.

Gauteng South Africa

Most people already own the best furniture they will ever want to own.

When your special sofa or chair is perfect in your home...... It becomes an old friend. What many people nowadays don't know is that older furniture is very well made, in much better quality than newly bought furniture available in chain furniture retailers.

Leather Re-Upholstery

Re-Upholstery in Leather:
Leather furniture needs special attention for re-upholstery. There are a wide variety of leathers available and Mary Interiors carry a range to suit most tastes.

They only use high quality Leather, which is hand cut and sewn with extra strength matching coloured threads. The finish will be as good, and last as long as when you first brought the furniture into your home. Being full re-upholstery of your sofa or chair all the work on the frame, fillings and cushions will be to the same high standard as their upholstery service in conventional fabrics.

With the high cost of Leather and the extended time required to cut and upholster in Leather, naturally prices are somewhat higher than for conventional fabrics. They will be happy to give you a quotation.

Special Care:
Leather is a ‘living’ material so every hide is different – it will show different textures and shading. For this reason when you have your furniture re-upholstered by Mary Interiors they will bring the actual hides to be used on your furniture with them when they collect your sofa or chair for your approval before they start work.

Converting to or from Leather:
Mary Interiors say they are often asked to cover furniture which is presently upholstered in conventional fabric, in leather: It is possible in most cases, but you must bear in mind that cushions are likely to feel firmer, and that the leather may crease (and could crack) on soft furniture.

Likewise when converting from leather to fabric, leather furniture is often made from small panels to make the leather use more efficient. Although attractive in leather this can look odd in fabric - so fabrics with patterns should be avoided, or agree with your re-upholsterer where panels can be combined into one piece of fabric.


Lounge Suites Manufacturer

Mary Interior Decorator is a major supplier and manufacturer of lounge suites to the entire Southern African region. We design and manufacture our own brands. We are able to deliver world class lounge suites to suit every taste and provide our clients with personal, professional and efficient service.

We are a major supplier to all the large furniture groups across South Africa. Our products range from lounge suites to Ottomans, Wingback Chairs, Corner suites, Occasional Chairs, Leather lounge suites and Sleeper Couches. We will make to order as well as design to suit your unique needs. We have a vast range of imported fabrics to choose from.

Custom Made Furniture

Mary Interiors are specialists in custom made furniture, based in Johannesburg, our bespoke furniture service is for those wanting to create special furniture pieces. If you have seen a design you would like to recreate or if you would like a unique furniture piece for an awkward shaped area in your home, we can handle the process from design to fabrication.

We want to combine the best of traditional values using the latest in technology and we have achieved this and more. We want to make the process of getting your custom made furniture a joy from start to finish. 

Commissioning custom made furniture is an opportunity to express your taste and style, through the design.

Whatever the requirements of your custom made furniture your design will receive our undivided attention.

Our creative design team will transform your ideas into reality and oversee the process from start to finish.

Soft Furnishings

Soft furnishings bring styling and luxury to any room with our fabulous huge range of fabrics.

You can buy these stunning fabrics off the roll, or have them made into beautifully made to measure curtains, blinds, cushions etc..

Our soft furnishings are made by hand, in our on-site workshop in South Africa,.